Amanda Rodgers

Software Developer

Data Analyst


Boulder, Colorado



Resume (PDF)

Hello world!

I'm Amanda Rodgers, an advocate, software developer and data analyst in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado area. I am passionate about the intersection of healthcare, finance, education, and technology because I believe they can help us build a healthier, safer, and more equitable world for everyone.

I am currently finishing up a data analytics bootcamp where I am building projects using R Studio and Python. My most recent experience was as an Integrations Engineer at BillGO, a fintech that does billpay software. I used C# to fix and build users' eBill integrations on their Prism app which allows them to put all of their bills in one place. One of my personal achievements there was creating new documentation and dashboards using Grafana and Kusto Query Language to organize code libraries and procedures. These dashboards increased the engineers' efficiency and eliminated redunancy saving many engineering hours.

My passion for technology and how it can impact human's lives led me to create Women's Directory, a free online website that helps women in the Denver area find critical resources in times of need. It is a Ruby on Rails app and is open-source on GitHub for collaboration. You can find the repo here: Women's Directory. Check out some of the projects I have been working on below:

Expense Report I organized and plotted my monthly expenses using R language, R Studio and Tidyverse packages.

Teacher Organizer An app for teachers to organize their state mandated teaching standards and resources. Built using Sinatra, Ruby, ERB templating, Active Record and HTML.
See a video on how it works here.

WIC Clinic Finder A CLI app that scrapes websites to find the locations and addresses of WIC Clinics in the Denver area. Built using Ruby, the TTY gem and Nokogiri for scraping.
See a video on how it works here.