Amanda Rodgers

Software Developer

Boulder, Colorado



Resume (PDF)

Hello world!

I'm Amanda Rodgers, an advocate and software developer in the Boulder, Colorado area. I am passionate about the intersection of healthcare, education, and technology because I believe they can help us build a healthier, safer, and more equitable world for everyone.

I am currently working on my non-profit Women's Directory, a free online resource that helps women in the Denver area find the help that they need. I started this initiative after working 15 years in healthcare and education. Through my daily experiences in public health clinics and classrooms, I saw how much we need to do to repair the trauma and help women secure basic human rights. My goal for Women’s Directory is to give women hope by getting them the help they need and deserve for themselves and their families.

I am open to work opportunities in software engineering that are in the Boulder area or fully remote. Download my resume here.